So some of my followers asked me some questions about myself.And I’m going to answer them.If you have some other questions,send them to me or if I haven’t answered your question,do tell me.

1.Any pets?

Right now,no.But I plan to get one soon.

2.Favourite candy?

I don’t really like candy…but if you’re talking about chocolate,I love anything without fruits,raisins and caramel.I know,hate me all you want.Everyone I know loves caramel.

3.Favourite movie/TV series?

My favourite movie is How To Be Single.Don’t ask why.Favourite TV series has to be Teen Wolf.


Writing,reading,listening to music,watching Teen Wolf,talking to my friends and of course,just like any other teenager,taking photographs.

5.Any siblings?

Oh,I wish.

6.Favourite places?

Home,Dubai and any nice amusement park.

7.Favourite colour?

Blue since the past two years.Wow.It changes like all the time.Shocker.

8.Favourite music artists?

My all time favourite artists are:Selena Gomez,The Chainsmokers,Shawn Mendes,Halsey,Twenty One Pilots,The Vamps,Alessia Cara,Laura Marano,R5,Hey Violet and Phoebe Ryan.I do listen to others too but these are my favourites.


The Earth was blessed with me on 3rd Feb,2003.

10.Favourite books?

Oh no,you didn’t.Did you ask me my FAVOURITE BOOK?Yeah,you did.Well don’t expect an answer.

11.Favourite subject?

Has to be Modern World History.Who knew that learning about the past could be so fun?

12.Favourite food?

Italian,Indian,Dark Chocolate & Coffee.

So those were the questions I was asked to answer;if you have any fashion enquires or even something about me,do tell me.











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